The Adventures of Grand Master Bath!

After the devaststing news that our bathroom plumbing would be a cool 10 Gs, we put our bathroom goals on pause to save a few extra bucks. We finally launched on January 9th which means we are already 10 days in! Here are a few photos of our progress:

End of Day 1

End of Day 3-when things got interesting!

Old floor below which is linoleum tile in a beige-y orange color.

We discovered the original layout of the bathroom was actually a Jack and Jill. See studs for a doorway outlined in yellow. There is also framing for a medicine cabinet (in pink).

The Plumbers came in on Day 6 and worked from 11:00 AM to 9:15 PM on their first day and from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM the next day. It was kind of incredible and miserable but kept us on schedule. They didn’t stub out wall faucets like I asked and I was too tired to think of checking when they were here. So, I had to pick new, undermount sink faucets for the project could continue on schedule (not to mention the plumber was already off to Maui for a vacation). At least we had plumbing and a bathtub!

The contractor and his sidekick came back Friday (Day 8) to even out walls and the floor and start hanging sheetrock. More to come on the bathroom in another couple of days. 

We also have a bedroom update happening simultaneously. Since the bathroom wall would be open, we also took the opportunity to upgrade the electricity in the ”master” bedroom. I use quotes because it is the smallest master if there ever was one but it has the best layout of all the rooms for a queen sized bed. To say the electrical outlet situation is lacking is an understatement. There are only two outlets and one of them is located behind our door. We are bringing up the electric to code, adding a ceiling fan and I get a light in the closet. Here it is with all the holes. 

And, since the room was essentially empty and covered up, I got after the wallpaper last weekend. I made much more progress than the picture below but the sun went down and there’s no light in here for a better photo. I did, however, give my husband permission to punch me in the mouth if I ever spoke about adding wallpaper to this home or any future home. REMOVING WALLPAPER IS THE WORST! 😂
I’m hoping to spend a few hours of MLK Day taking down the rest of the wallpaper. Also, we are considering whether we bite the bullet and finish our bedroom or wait a few months until we’ve paid off some of the bathroom. That probably warrants a whole separate blog post! The Handyman and I are going to wait until this coming Friday to make that decision in case there are any unexpected expenses that crop up in the next few days. More to come!


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