Guest Bedroom--It's Done!

Wow! I can't believe it's already been over one month since my last blog post. We've had a lot going on in our world and the energy to blog about it has been at a minimum. I do want to share with you our awesome guest bedroom makeover! We actually finished it right before our friends, B&J, came to town at the end of July. When we moved in, you'll recall the room looked like this:

In mid-June, my sister came in and took all the wall paper down but the glue decided to hang out a little longer.

The tedious process of spraying, scraping, and sanding was left up to my Handy Man and he made great progress on the glue:

Before spraying/scraping and sanding and after:

Realizing this was as good as it was going to get, we started priming with TWO coats of Kilz. We chose the Kilz Max because it was supposed to cover up foul odors and this glue has a serious chlorine smell. In all honesty, I can still smell a faint whiff of glue. Here's the room "primed":

You can see in the picture above the ceiling is MUCH darker than the primer, so we put two coats of ceiling paint over it.

After choosing Ethereal Mood by Sherwin Williams and picking up an extra can of Snowbound for the trim, we enlisted my mom and sister to help with the final coats of paint. Thanks family!

 And, finally, it's done! Here's the room with the bed, bookshelves, new chair and lamp!

And a glance at the "before" pic for good measure:

 We still need to hang some curtains and wall art and replace the ceiling fixture, but for now it is a lovely, comfy place. The invitation is open to come and stay with us!


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