Most Exciting Update (Part 2)

As if the exciting news couldn't get more exciting, we found out that Jesus could actually spend more time on our house than originally planned. He's in between jobs which means he can spend more time on our house. Check out the progress he made in just one week!

West side window:
 Back of the house after power-washed

Close-up of South-side of the house. The blue paint sample was some leftover paint from Jesus. Not exactly the color I was going for:
I'm hoping to put in french doors where the double windows and window AC unit is and build out a deck.

 Crazy, bright blue primer going up

Bottom right corner of the East-side window near the dining room:

 East-side and front being primed:

 East-side window on right side of fireplace:

Close up of East-side window. You can see the original dark green coming through:

So, I bet you can guess what color we are painting the house based on the primer. Here's a hint, it's not World Series Champions Kansas City Royal Blue. More to come on the final color selection...


  1. !!! I'm pretty disappointed it's *not* World Series Champions Royals Blue, but I guess we'll see what this other, lesser, color has to offer before I make any judgements


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