Copa Cabana

When we bought our house in 2014, one of the worst, most dated spots, in my opinion, was actually the main bathroom. It wasn't long before I dubbed it the Copa Cabana for the pink bathtub, sink and tile complimented by the flowery pastel wallpaper.

Not to mention the coffin-like corner shower that was made popular in the (60s?).
Imagine squeezing a very pregnant body through that tiny door wedging your leg up on the side of the shower wall to shave your leg. Wait, don't! It isn't pretty.

I knew we wouldn't be able to renovate/remodel the bathroom for awhile, so we set out to make it liveable. After a few months, we took down the wallpaper and painted it a nice neutral shade of beige.

You may recall that the reason we renovated the laundry room and half-bathroom was so we would have a shower when we finally got around to renovating our main bathroom. Well, the time has come! Stay tuned to learn about what we are doing in here and soon!!!


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