Wine Country Backyard

My happy place is Healdsburg, CA, specifically Dry Creek Road, my aunt and uncle's house, in their backyard. It is so beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.

Their yard is full of treasures my aunt has collected over the decades. She has a real knack of taking seemingly odd items and putting them together in a cheerful and stylish way.

Nate and I were married there five years ago which only expanded my love for Healdsburg.

I have been thinking about how to re-create their yard in our backyard, so it becomes my #2 happy place. What makes the wine country the wine country? What elements of the wine country can we incorporate into our backyard? I came up with the following list of trees, flowers, and bushes to help build a plan for our yard.

Olive Trees

Lemon Tree

Fig Tree


Native Grasses



Pergola covered with Wisteria



White oleander (Dwarf)




What do you think? Am I missing anything besides the obvious, grapevines? Now I just need to figure out how to design the yard to incorporate all these elements. Don't worry, I have an idea. To be continued...


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