You're Outta Here Part *&#@!!!--An office update

I don't even remember how many areas of wallpaper we've removed by this point--it all just runs together. I do know that after the old office's paper is removed, we just have one more to go! Hooray!

After we moved the office to the guestroom (which used to be Cinderella's room, btw), we started to remove the wallpaper. It actually came off fairly easy but there were a few issues.

Like the stairway and 2nd floor landing, the plaster was in bad shape in a few places. It was crumbly in a few spots. We also found evidence that the thick, striped paper was actually the second wallpaper in this room. We found some beige paper with tiny red flowers on it.

There was a considerable amount of glue behind the wallpaper (joy). It's the yellowish-brown stuff in the picture below:

And the windows were in bad, bad shape. This room, located on the South-side of the house, gets full sun so one of the windows takes a beating.

The glazing had pretty much disintegrated too, so the glass wiggled around quite a bit when you lightly pushed on it.

By the time we removed the wallpaper and TSP'd the walls to remove the glue, it was February 1st. We lost our DIY steam and couldn't see many free weekends in our future, so we called on Jesus to save us! :) By February 10th (or so), we had a bright, patched, repaired, and painted room!

Main room entrance (right door) and closet door (left door) & opposite corner of room:

South window, door connecting to Cinderella's Room, and closet door:

Southeast corner of the room:

The color of the paint is Sherwin Williams' Creme and the trim, as always, is Sherwin William's Snowbound.

Here are a few side by side shots:

Look at how beautiful the floors are now that they are refinished! (Above)

Repaired and re-glazed windows!

So, have you guessed what the new purpose of the room is? If you know us personally, then you've known for awhile. If you don't know us or haven't visited us in the past three weeks, then you'll have to wait until the next blog post to see the big reveal! (I love a good cliffhanger...)


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