Most Exciting Update (Part 7)

Well, hello there, old friend! Yeah, it's me. Totally slacking on updating this blog. Particularly lame because we've had lots of progress with the Most Exciting Update. Yep, the house is finished! Shhh! Don't tell anyone that it's actually been 99% finished since June. There was so much progress in April and May that it doesn't feel right to skip to the end. Gotta prolong the suspense a little longer.

In April, we finally got body paint! Still looking like the Coat of Many Colors. At this stage, I am so giddy because the color is just perfect!
The house really started to transform on both sides.

Here's a close up of the windows.

 After scraping and after painting. Huge difference, don't ya think?

Here's the same window during different stages of the process.

The front of the house started to get some attention too. (Neighbors let out a huge sigh of relief)

It already looks so much better, but what about those shutters?  There was a big debate whether or not to go with white shutters or black. I was on the white-side and the Handyman was on the black-side. You'll have to wait until my next post to see who won that battle. Here is Vanna showing us the letters shutters.

The front porch got a little love as well. The trim and ceiling got a fresh coat of Cloud Cover.
 Here's a close-up of the door frame before the trim got a coat. I love the contrast of the original paint (on the door) and the brightness of the primer. So fresh and so clean, clean.
 And, finally, Benjamin Moore's Concord Ivory goes on the door. I think it looks extra good with a munchkin standing in front of it.
The hardware on the door got some polish too.

And, because Jesus is so awesome, he spray painted our mailbox so it looks brand-spanking-new!
After months of prepping, it is amazing how much progress actually happened in April. On to the back of the house and finishing up the front in May and June!


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