Most Exciting Update (Part 8)

So, here's our beloved home between May 1st and Memorial Weekend.

This first picture shows the giant hole in our siding that was covered up with sheet metal. We took out a wall a/c unit when we put in the mini-split system. Hence, the hole. Knowing we were going to patch and paint the house anyway, we left it. So ugly.
Here's the next phase in the process on this part of the house. Patching the hole! Our new handyman (not to be confused with The Handyman), Ricardo, and Jesus took siding from underneath the double window to match the second story siding.

And, here's the patched hole. Viola!
As you can see, the back of the house has also been primed, but the trim paint hasn't been put on. Not sure about that smiley face.

By mid-May, the back of the house started looking like this. Lots of patching and extra layers of primer.
May 16th, front of the house! Shut the front door! Literally, it's yellow and beautiful!

A close up of the front porch. The Pheasants getting a little love from Jesus.
By May 22nd, the back of the house looked pretty much done except for the bottom right corner. Jesus wasn't happy with the way the paint was adhering (or lack of adhering), so he scraped that portion to be repainted at a later date.
Here's a side by side of the back of the house (before paint and after).

And a side by side of the front of the house (when we bought the house and at the end of May). Sorry the photos are so small. They don't fit side by side if they're any bigger.

And one last picture of the babe for good luck.


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