When One Door Opens

I remember a moment when we were walking through the house with our realtor thinking, "a french door really should go where this window is so people in the house can access the backyard."

At that time, I had hoped these hypothetical people would be us and we are! We people are the proud owners of a new french door (as of August)!

The door is from Home Depot (Orepac is the brand, I believe) and it was not cheap, but it was about 1/2 the price of Andersen which the price of a small car. We had a real handyman/Jesus' sidekick, Ricardo, install it for us. The door is fiberglass and has a real wood grain texture. Since it is in a fairly sunny location, we opted for something that was a little more indestructible than wood. The hardware is also from Home Depot.

Now that it's here and we have a glorious view to our outdoor fireplace, I'm dying to put in a deck. That's going to be a project for 2017 and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Side note: The pic below is of The Handyman on Christmas Eve putting together an outdoor gift for the girls. Boy, were we happy to build it inside and just drop it right out the doors before Santa showed up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our friends and family!


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