Cinderella's Room 1.0

Remember this room when we moved in? I barely do.

It feels amazing to look back at the real estate photos and see how much progress we've made. This sleeping room/porch is one of the reasons why I love this house.

For a recap of when and how this wallpaper came down and the beginning of this room's transformation, you can read about it here.

Shortly after, the Handyman and I painted the walls SW Mint Condition, but didn't dare touch the trim.

For a long time, the room looked like this. Yuck!

We didn't touch the trim because there is A LOT of it. There are seven windows, three doors, and baseboards in this room. There was...

Lots of chipped and cracked paint:

Nail holes and damaged wood.

Gaps between the baseboard and plaster wall:

And, window hardware needing to be cleaned up.

We knew that Jesus would need to save us on this one.

The main reason it took so long to get back to this room is that I hadn't found the right window treatments. Did I mention there are SEVEN windows? On the list of needs:

1. Blackout curtains. This Southwest facing room is bright and we had a napper and still have an early riser. The darker the room means more sleep for me. Gotta keep the sun out.

2. Speaking of sun, we need to keep the sun out of here in the summer because it gets hot.

3. Need to keep the heat in the room in the winter. Single-paned windows in the winter means drafty and chilly.

4. Economical. I wasn't willing to pay for custom window treatments that cost an arm and a leg. Sorry, kid, expensive things are reserved for grown-ups.

5. Classic color that can be incorporated into a potentially changing color scheme over the years. Cinderella's favorite color changes weekly, so I didn't want to commit to window treatments that are super trendy or girly. I'm hoping Cinderella grows out of her girly-girl stage as she ages.

6. Can't be super bulky. This room is very small, so clean-lines = spacious feeling. Ideally, I wanted something that fit inside each window.

So, just a few specific requests, which is why this took awhile.

I finally decided on a color scheme that I could live with when I found this cute rug at Target last fall.
Then, I found these roman shades for a super price at my go-to window treatment source, JC Penney.
However, JC Penney only had a size that fit the four South walls. So, what to do about the West wall with three windows?

Maybe a row of traditional curtains? I found this (sort of) coordinating fabric online and enlisted my fabulous mother-in-law to make curtains for me.

We called up Jesus and in about two weeks, he had the trim and a fresh coat of Mint Condition painted!



And, how about those navy roman shades?
Totally awesome!

We still have a few more updates to make in this room, which I'll update on Cinderella's Room 2.0.


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