Super (not) sexy post.

As any homeowner knows, with kids around it is impossible to get anything significant done. So, when my parents offered to watch the girls last weekend, the Handyman and I decided to schedule a little less adulting on Saturday and a little home improvement on the Sunday.

What did we decide to do? Insulate our attic! Oh, yeah, you read that right. Super sexy home improvement project.

For a $250 deposit for the blower, 18 bags of insulation, two trips to Home Depot and three hours, we added about four inches of insulation upstairs.

Notice the small box at the bottom right of the cart? That's a new chandelier for Cinderella's room. We are currently updating her room (finally). Blog post coming soon!

Insulating your attic is definitely a two person job. The machine was awkward and unbalanced and a real *$#@ to get up the stairs, but we did it. 

 The Handyman took care of blowing the cellulose into the attic. Here's a shot of him in the closet. You get a peek at our old wallpaper in the spare bedroom/office.

I was in charge of loading and reloading the machine.

A few things we learned:
It was impossible to communicate with each other while he was in the attic and I was standing next to the machine. After we put blew the first 10 bags in, we agreed to only load 1-2 bags at a time then shut off the machine to see how he was doing. The last eight bags took a little longer than the first set, but it gave him time to move around upstairs and re-position the hose.

It was super messy. In hindsight, I would have covered more of the floor with towels. If you try this on your home, make sure you use masks (we did) and schedule in time to clean, Swiffer, dust.

It feels good to have this little project done, so hopefully it makes a difference on our energy bills the remainder of winter and this upcoming summer.


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