Most Exciting Update (Part 4)

If you live in California or have been following our news, its been raining for nearly two weeks straight. That means there's been no progress on the exterior paint until last week and now it's raining again. Booooooo. Well, we need the rain, so Yeah! But, boooo! I want my house to be painted so badly. Anyways...

Jesus spent four days at our house last week, working on the back of the house where the laundry room and 1/2 bath is located. Check out the progress!

First two days = scraping, scraping and more scraping...

 Basement window (left) and 1/2 bathroom window (right)
Last two days = priming, priming and more priming!

Back of the house is fully primed (left) and close up of mudroom/bathroom windows (right)
On Saturday, Jesus came by to clean everything up. All of his little scraped paint pieces have to be disposed of properly. He told me that once the West side is fully primed, see below of current status, then Phase 1 is complete.

The second phase is what he calls "the cosmetic phase". He will repair broken wood, fill holes, fill gaps in the seems, smooth out the boards that still have quite a bit of old paint. If the rain moves out by tomorrow, then we might be finished with Phase 2 by the end of the week and ready to paint! I better get to that post on paint colors. :)


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