Most Exciting Update (Part 5)

The alternative title to this post is "Cosmetic Work: Fillers and Plumpers." Remember how I was telling you about all the rain we had at the beginning of March and how there wasn't any work on the exterior paint? Well, things drastically changed over the last two weeks. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and Jesus has been able to do a lot of cosmetic work. He's filling cracks and holes and plumping up depressed areas. We're going to turn our house from an aging Hollywood Queen to a fresh, young star! Check it out!

These pictures are from March 24th through March 30th. The yellowish-beige color is the putty that's filling the cracks.

A view from the street. Who knew our house could have gotten any uglier? I'm referring to it as the Calico Cat on the block.

So, once the patching and more sanding was finished, Jesus went over those areas with more primer which is a solid gray.

Looks a lot better, right? Even with the multi-colored paint, the house is sprucing up nicely.

Here are a few shots of the back of the house:

The fascia was scraped and lightly sanded as well as the eaves.

Patch work around the window on the basement stairs. Jesus on the right and E.J. on the left.
 The Western wall was finally primed. This wall takes a beating from the summer heat, so there was a lot of work to be done. Looks good!
Now that the plumping and filling has been complete, we move on to the fun stuff--actual paint!


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