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I have so much to write but not much to write at all. Home repairs and upgrades have really stalled these past few months. Two kids, busy jobs, daycare, travel, and unexpected expenses have all put a damper on our home improvement project timeline and budget.

I do have a few things to update you on in future posts like my closet re-do and raised garden bed awesomeness. For now, I leave you with this picture. A compilation of all the wall paper we've removed over the past (almost) two years that I found in a storage tote last night.
Clockwise from the top left: Entryway/Stairs/2nd Floor, Living Room, Spare Room/Office, Cinderella's Room Border, Bathroom, Cinderella's Room Walls, Kitchen (yellow and white flowers), Bathroom Ceiling. I'm missing the Baby's Room in this picture, but I know I kept some.

Also, we are in the planning stages of a BIG project, like HUGE, and really exciting. More to come after the first of year.

Between two ferns

So, the meaning behind the name of this blog "Between Two Pheasants" came from the Funny or Die segment "Between Two Ferns." Well, I'm happy to report that we finally have our two ferns. I received two basic flack urns as a Mother's Day gift last year and finally got around to planting them.

It's a.....GIRL!

So, we've been a tad busy lately growing our home by two feet! harhar!

In mid-March we added another little bundle of love, or as someone called her our "Chunk of Love". She is the reason these posts have been so few and far between. She is the reason why we are sleep-deprived zombies. She is the is the reason why the Handyman gave up his office. She is another reason why our hearts are so full. Here's the nursery in all of its decorated, girly glory.

Farewell, Sweet Friend

At the beginning of March, we said goodbye to our furry child, Blaze the Wonder Dog. It was a sad time in our lives as so much was happening all around us. She was 14 1/2 and lived the most amazing life. She loved playing frisbee, "herding" us, chasing the cat out of the yard, giving an infinite number of kisses, sleeping on the bed, and spending time lying at our feet. We've had a dog for so long that I forgot what it felt like to come home to an empty house--no one to greet you at the door. Even after nearly three months, her absence is still felt. We loved her so.

You're Outta Here Part *&#@!!!--An office update

I don't even remember how many areas of wallpaper we've removed by this point--it all just runs together. I do know that after the old office's paper is removed, we just have one more to go! Hooray!

After we moved the office to the guestroom (which used to be Cinderella's room, btw), we started to remove the wallpaper. It actually came off fairly easy but there were a few issues.

Like the stairway and 2nd floor landing, the plaster was in bad shape in a few places. It was crumbly in a few spots. We also found evidence that the thick, striped paper was actually the second wallpaper in this room. We found some beige paper with tiny red flowers on it.

There was a considerable amount of glue behind the wallpaper (joy). It's the yellowish-brown stuff in the picture below:

And the windows were in bad, bad shape. This room, located on the South-side of the house, gets full sun so one of the windows takes a beating.

The glazing had pretty much disintegrated too, so the gla…

Guestroom/Office Combo

It's true! I've completely let the blog updates fall by the wayside, but it's for a good reason. I promise! More on that later....

We kicked off the New Year with intense determination to continue stripping wallpaper from the house. You're thinking, "haven't they removed it all by now?" The answer, sadly, is no! As of January 1st, we still had the office and master bedroom (that's a joke since the "master" is so small) to tackle. First up, the office!

When we moved in, it looked like this (not great pics, I know):

2014--A Year in Review and a 2015 Preview

Happy New Year friends and family! It's been almost one year since we became the official owners of the pheasants' home. It's been a wild ride for us--we've laughed a lot, cried a little, and certainly have learned a ton. As we say goodbye to 2014, I thought I would recap all that we have accomplished this past year and remind myself that, although this house is a labor of love, we actually made some amazing progress. Here goes...