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It's raining pebbles!

Hey friends and family! The last few months have been wild, but seriously productive as we made progress on the plans for our laundry room and bathroom.

This is a BIG ONE! Laundry Room and 1/2 Bath Reno

One of the reasons why I'm not blogging as much any more is that we've checked a lot of "To Do" items off our list. Well, at least the small ones. What's left are the big, nasty, complex projects that, truthfully, are outside of the Handyman and my wheelhouse. I'm also a planner and these biggie (not Smalls) projects take a lot of thinking, and lets be honest, SAVING.
Next on the how-to-renovate-this-old-home-for-our-modern-family-list, is remodeling our mudroom and 1/2 bathroom on the first floor. You may be asking yourself, "The guest bath? The laundry room?" Yes, the guest bath and laundry. What I really want to renovate is the 2nd floor main bathroom. What I really DON'T want to do is move out of our house or spend weeks showering/bathing at the gym. So, guest bath and laundry room it is because we are also adding a shower!

Here's what the current disaster space looks like:

 Bathroom inside the mudroom.

I enlisted my wonderful and talen…

Here Comes the Deck, Part 2

Keeping with my tradition of posting way late, here I am updating the blog after a month since my last post. Life is hard. Blogging about life is harder.

We have a deck and it's kind of amazing. It's not done, of course, so let me give you a phase two deck project update. Big Ken left. Life got in the way. It rained. A lot. We ran out of screws. Broke the pilot hole bit. Had to order it online. Ran out of screws again. Finally got the top screwed down. Here's the longer version.

One of our lovely neighbors loaned us his deck jig, and I immediately loved the idea of not seeing a bunch of screws on the top of our deck. "So, yeah, let's do that," I said. "It will be great," I said. (No one thought it would be easy so no one said that.)


Here comes the deck, Part 1

We had a very productive weekend at the Pheasant's house. After three days, we have a deck. Well, not entirely, but very close to looking like one. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Day 0 - Home Depot Run
My dad came down on a Friday afternoon so we could get a jump start on the weekend. Any good DIY project starts with a trip to the big orange box, Home Depot. It took us two hours to figure out which supplies we needed based on the stock. FYI, apparently no one works at Home Depot on Friday night.
Here's a photo of my Pops with my purse cruising the aisles. 😂

Around the yard

Hey! We are getting ready to build the deck. Woot woot! In the meantime, I thought I would show you what’s happening in the yard.

I planted some onions a couple of months ago and they are coming up.
 Also, carrots went in the ground in November. Looking good!
 I replanted the Honey Mandarin that I potted two years ago into this area so it can get more sun and hide the fence.

Lastly, we borrowed our neighbor’s jack hammer and took out the top two steps off the mud room in anticipation of the deck.

Hey, fence, hey!

Just a quick post on our fence (post, get it?) We finished it this weekend!

And, here's what it looked like shortly after we moved in.  And now!

2017 Year End Review and 2018 Preview

Another year has come and gone and so much and so little has changed. I think we can all agree that the dumpster fire that we anticipated in our federal administration is actually here. Instead of feeling sad and frustrated at all the things that we can't change, I'm choosing to focus on the things that we home renovation (and fueling the resistance in small ways)!

It's been a great year as we've made progress inside and out on our 1915 American Foursquare.

The year started off strong with a renovation in Cinderella's room (I just posted that final project even though it started in February--eek)...
And, the Handyman and I spent a super sexy weekend without kids insulating our attic.

Can you spot the African Tribal wallpaper in the closet? 😆

In the Spring, we started on the kitchen remodel and O-M-G! It's made a huge difference in how we cook and spend time in there. Still So.Very. Small, but light, bright and modern!

And how about 'dem new floo…