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This is a BIG ONE! Laundry Room and 1/2 Bath Reno

One of the reasons why I'm not blogging as much any more is that we've checked a lot of "To Do" items off our list. Well, at least the small ones. What's left are the big, nasty, complex projects that, truthfully, are outside of the Handyman and my wheelhouse. I'm also a planner and these biggie (not Smalls) projects take a lot of thinking, and lets be honest, SAVING.
Next on the how-to-renovate-this-old-home-for-our-modern-family-list, is remodeling our mudroom and 1/2 bathroom on the first floor. You may be asking yourself, "The guest bath? The laundry room?" Yes, the guest bath and laundry. What I really want to renovate is the 2nd floor main bathroom. What I really DON'T want to do is move out of our house or spend weeks showering/bathing at the gym. So, guest bath and laundry room it is because we are also adding a shower!

Here's what the current disaster space looks like:

 Bathroom inside the mudroom.

I enlisted my wonderful and talen…