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Cinderella's Room 1.0

Remember this room when we moved in? I barely do.

It feels amazing to look back at the real estate photos and see how much progress we've made. This sleeping room/porch is one of the reasons why I love this house.

For a recap of when and how this wallpaper came down and the beginning of this room's transformation, you can read about it here.

Shortly after, the Handyman and I painted the walls SW Mint Condition, but didn't dare touch the trim.

For a long time, the room looked like this. Yuck!

We didn't touch the trim because there is A LOT of it. There are seven windows, three doors, and baseboards in this room. There was...

Lots of chipped and cracked paint:

Nail holes and damaged wood.

Gaps between the baseboard and plaster wall:

And, window hardware needing to be cleaned up.

We knew that Jesus would need to save us on this one.

The main reason it took so long to get back to this room is that I hadn't found the right window treatments. Did I mention there are SEVE…

Super (not) sexy post.

As any homeowner knows, with kids around it is impossible to get anything significant done. So, when my parents offered to watch the girls last weekend, the Handyman and I decided to schedule a little less adulting on Saturday and a little home improvement on the Sunday.

What did we decide to do? Insulate our attic! Oh, yeah, you read that right. Super sexy home improvement project.
For a $250 deposit for the blower, 18 bags of insulation, two trips to Home Depot and three hours, we added about four inches of insulation upstairs.