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Cinderella's Room 2.0

Going back a FEW months, I wanted to update you all on Cinderella's Room. If you don't remember how we started this project, click on link to the 1.0 post.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a six year old's room clean? Especially when there is a two-year-old little sister running around. Tough!  I can't remember when I snapped these pics, but I assure you that this was the last time it was this clean.

The brown prints, "Beauty" and "Grace", are from one of my favorite shops in Kansas City, called Hammerpress. Seriously, check out their online store.
Another item from the nursery is this white rose metal frame. During our move across the country, the mirror within broke and it's been sitting in a closet every since. I decided to add some cork to it so Cinderella can display the copious amounts of art she produces.
 Finally, the bird cage and an heirloom from my childhood, the Troll. Kidding. The Troll is new. How crazy is it that Trolls ha…

We built a fence!

Early November, on a random Saturday, the girls were playing in the yard and I decided to kick-down the back fence. Yep, kicked it down. That's HOW READY it was to fall down.

 20 minutes later....viola!

 Before and after:
So, feeling a little open and not secure, we decided to BYOF (Build Your Own Fence) last weekend. We nearly took it over the finish line. Not finished but close.

Dug some post holes:
  Set them in concrete:
 Bought a skill saw, trimmed some redwood planks to fit and leveled them:
 Looking better:
 Sunday evening around 5:10 p.m. (man, it gets dark early):
 Two days later, my parents came in town for a Christmas performance at Cinderella's school. Dad and Handyman banged out the right side of the fence.
View from the Bebe's room:
We are off to Home Depot now to buy the supplies for the gate and trim. More to come!

Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 6

We are done (read 98%)! The tile is in and the appliances have been put back in place. We have a rug and something hanging on the wall (gasp!). It's been a looooooooong twisty road, but so worth it. I couldn't be happier with how it has all come together.

So, about that 2%, here's what's left:

Toe-kick under cabinets need to be painted.Quarter round trim around baseboards.Chips in paint from moving the fridge and the counter installed.Electricians back to figure out what's going on with two electric outlets.New oven and stove.
I'll let you know in two years when we finally have it 100% over the finish line. So, how about some final pics? Yeah!

Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 5

Are you thinking, "how can this kitchen renovation have five parts? Yes. Me too. We do have new hardware on the cabinets though and we installed it ourselves!

Thanks to Lowes and a really good friend in Kansas City who sent me a 10% coupon so I could save some real money on these beauties.

Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 4

As previously mentioned, we are STILL working away at the kitchen. When we first started the kitchen, I hadn't thought about when we would replace the floor. Though, with everything starting to look pretty sweet, the floor had to go. Below is a close up of the floor (and a cute, mischievous baby #tbt).

Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 3

It's already mid-July? How did that happen? Of course we are still plugging along on the kitchen remodel. I think this marks two months without an oven/stove and a mudroom since our fridge takes up most of it. But, who's counting? By the end of May, Jesus had finished painting and we had our new Schoolhouse Electric Lights installed.

Here's a close-up of the over-the-sink light. Since this picture was taken, we've exchanged the bulb with an Edison bulb. It's not as bright, but it's more period-appropriate.

 Here are a few side by side shots of before and after painting. What a difference!

Next post will be all about the floors and there is some drama involved!

Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 2.

One month later and a lot of progress has been made on the kitchen. Ugh, but it's not done. We are inching toward the finish line. OF COURSE it always takes twice as long as you originally plan.

After the cabinet doors and drawers were in, Tom and Nate took out their aggression the counters and back splash. By far it was the most gratifying as well as messy part of the reno. We are so lucky to have talented and amazing people in our world. Tom and his lovely wife, Betty, are our neighbors who have renovated/restored several homes. (They also give us fresh chicken eggs and figs from their tree) They gave us the confidence that we could take out the counters ourselves and even offered to help. While they worked, I pulled out all my mom-tricks to keep the girls occupied outside.

In process pics:

Goodbye Mellow Yellow!

Remember this kitchen?

Yellow cabinets, goldish yellow linoleum floor, heavy curtains, portable dishwasher, beige tile and oh so beautiful wallpaper. The wallpaper wasn't actually too bad and I've seen this large scale print come back into fashion but it was being held to the wall, in some places, with duct tape.

Cinderella's Room 1.0

Remember this room when we moved in? I barely do.

It feels amazing to look back at the real estate photos and see how much progress we've made. This sleeping room/porch is one of the reasons why I love this house.

For a recap of when and how this wallpaper came down and the beginning of this room's transformation, you can read about it here.

Shortly after, the Handyman and I painted the walls SW Mint Condition, but didn't dare touch the trim.

For a long time, the room looked like this. Yuck!

We didn't touch the trim because there is A LOT of it. There are seven windows, three doors, and baseboards in this room. There was...

Lots of chipped and cracked paint:

Nail holes and damaged wood.

Gaps between the baseboard and plaster wall:

And, window hardware needing to be cleaned up.

We knew that Jesus would need to save us on this one.

The main reason it took so long to get back to this room is that I hadn't found the right window treatments. Did I mention there are SEVE…