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Hey, fence, hey!

Just a quick post on our fence (post, get it?) We finished it this weekend!

And, here's what it looked like shortly after we moved in.  And now!

2017 Year End Review and 2018 Preview

Another year has come and gone and so much and so little has changed. I think we can all agree that the dumpster fire that we anticipated in our federal administration is actually here. Instead of feeling sad and frustrated at all the things that we can't change, I'm choosing to focus on the things that we home renovation (and fueling the resistance in small ways)!

It's been a great year as we've made progress inside and out on our 1915 American Foursquare.

The year started off strong with a renovation in Cinderella's room (I just posted that final project even though it started in February--eek)...
And, the Handyman and I spent a super sexy weekend without kids insulating our attic.

Can you spot the African Tribal wallpaper in the closet? 😆

In the Spring, we started on the kitchen remodel and O-M-G! It's made a huge difference in how we cook and spend time in there. Still So.Very. Small, but light, bright and modern!

And how about 'dem new floo…