The Adventures of Grand Master Bath!

After the devaststing news that our bathroom plumbing would be a cool 10 Gs, we put our bathroom goals on pause to save a few extra bucks. We finally launched on January 9th which means we are already 10 days in! Here are a few photos of our progress:

End of Day 1

Grand Master Bath

I'm sitting at home today with a sick-ish kid, so it's a perfect time to update the old blog! A few weeks ago, we met with our contractor to discuss making some changes to the upstairs bathroom. I'm calling it the Grand Master Bath (cousin to DJ Grand Master Flash). Here's the existing layout:

Copa Cabana

When we bought our house in 2014, one of the worst, most dated spots, in my opinion, was actually the main bathroom. It wasn't long before I dubbed it the Copa Cabana for the pink bathtub, sink and tile complimented by the flowery pastel wallpaper.

Not to mention the coffin-like corner shower that was made popular in the (60s?).
Imagine squeezing a very pregnant body through that tiny door wedging your leg up on the side of the shower wall to shave your leg. Wait, don't! It isn't pretty.

I knew we wouldn't be able to renovate/remodel the bathroom for awhile, so we set out to make it liveable. After a few months, we took down the wallpaper and painted it a nice neutral shade of beige.

You may recall that the reason we renovated the laundry room and half-bathroom was so we would have a shower when we finally got around to renovating our main bathroom. Well, the time has come! Stay tuned to learn about what we are doing in here and soon!!!

Mudroom PTSD

Spoiler Alert: We LOVE our mudroom and new bathroom. If you want to skip to the bottom of this post to see the end result, go for it! If you want to know why it's taken me eight months to write another blog post, keep reading.

Want to know something funny? Our mudroom/bathroom renovation that was supposed to finish in one month, took three months. Okay, that's not funny, but at least now (6 months later) we can start to laugh about it.

Let's back up to January when we were supposed to finish our bathroom right about the time I started a new job, a significant promotion (I may add). End of January. We were no where near having laundry back in our house let alone a usable second toilet. Nothing stressful about that. 😒

Here's what our room looked like on my first day of my new job:

 Hey, but at least we had an exterior wall again!

There was 1.5 things that made us jump the rails on the schedule around mid-January. #1 Plumber I really can't even express the ass-hatter…

It's raining pebbles!

Hey friends and family! The last few months have been wild, but seriously productive as we made progress on the plans for our laundry room and bathroom.

This is a BIG ONE! Laundry Room and 1/2 Bath Reno

One of the reasons why I'm not blogging as much any more is that we've checked a lot of "To Do" items off our list. Well, at least the small ones. What's left are the big, nasty, complex projects that, truthfully, are outside of the Handyman and my wheelhouse. I'm also a planner and these biggie (not Smalls) projects take a lot of thinking, and lets be honest, SAVING.
Next on the how-to-renovate-this-old-home-for-our-modern-family-list, is remodeling our mudroom and 1/2 bathroom on the first floor. You may be asking yourself, "The guest bath? The laundry room?" Yes, the guest bath and laundry. What I really want to renovate is the 2nd floor main bathroom. What I really DON'T want to do is move out of our house or spend weeks showering/bathing at the gym. So, guest bath and laundry room it is because we are also adding a shower!

Here's what the current disaster space looks like:

 Bathroom inside the mudroom.

I enlisted my wonderful and talen…