Goodbye Mellow Yellow, Part 2.

One month later and a lot of progress has been made on the kitchen. Ugh, but it's not done. We are inching toward the finish line. OF COURSE it always takes twice as long as you originally plan.

After the cabinet doors and drawers were in, Tom and Nate took out their aggression the counters and back splash. By far it was the most gratifying as well as messy part of the reno. We are so lucky to have talented and amazing people in our world. Tom and his lovely wife, Betty, are our neighbors who have renovated/restored several homes. (They also give us fresh chicken eggs and figs from their tree) They gave us the confidence that we could take out the counters ourselves and even offered to help. While they worked, I pulled out all my mom-tricks to keep the girls occupied outside.

In process pics:

Goodbye Mellow Yellow!

Remember this kitchen?

Yellow cabinets, goldish yellow linoleum floor, heavy curtains, portable dishwasher, beige tile and oh so beautiful wallpaper. The wallpaper wasn't actually too bad and I've seen this large scale print come back into fashion but it was being held to the wall, in some places, with duct tape.

Cinderella's Room 1.0

Remember this room when we moved in? I barely do.

It feels amazing to look back at the real estate photos and see how much progress we've made. This sleeping room/porch is one of the reasons why I love this house.

For a recap of when and how this wallpaper came down and the beginning of this room's transformation, you can read about it here.

Shortly after, the Handyman and I painted the walls SW Mint Condition, but didn't dare touch the trim.

For a long time, the room looked like this. Yuck!

We didn't touch the trim because there is A LOT of it. There are seven windows, three doors, and baseboards in this room. There was...

Lots of chipped and cracked paint:

Nail holes and damaged wood.

Gaps between the baseboard and plaster wall:

And, window hardware needing to be cleaned up.

We knew that Jesus would need to save us on this one.

The main reason it took so long to get back to this room is that I hadn't found the right window treatments. Did I mention there are SEVE…

Super (not) sexy post.

As any homeowner knows, with kids around it is impossible to get anything significant done. So, when my parents offered to watch the girls last weekend, the Handyman and I decided to schedule a little less adulting on Saturday and a little home improvement on the Sunday.

What did we decide to do? Insulate our attic! Oh, yeah, you read that right. Super sexy home improvement project.
For a $250 deposit for the blower, 18 bags of insulation, two trips to Home Depot and three hours, we added about four inches of insulation upstairs.

2016 Year End Review and 2017 Preview

Happy New Year! I've been reading a lot of posts on Facebook about how 2016 was a really tough year for a lot of people. It was tough for me too. I'm still struggling to accept the results of November's election and am scared for my friends and family that will be impacted by the actions and policies of the Trump Administration. Particularly, I'm fearful for immigrants, the LGBT community, women rights (and access to healthcare), and not to mention the impact on our energy, environment, healthcare, and international policies. I won't go as far to say that I'm cautiously optimistic, but I am hoping for the best.

With all that said, my year has been busy, hard, rewarding, comical, and full of love. At work, I welcomed two new "bosses" (I have a dual reporting line) all while adjusting to a new routine for Cinderella as she headed off to kindergarten (proud mama). Then there is The Babe doing what The Babe does best (not sleeping, sleeping, waking up ear…

We have heat

Folks, we are feeling mighty fine. We are legit. We live in a house with real heat, because we have a brand new furnace. That's right! Last month, we said "Sayonara" to our 101-year old, original furnace. As much as we are trying to preserve the house, we definitely need to live in a comfortable home and last winter, the space heaters weren't cutting it. In fact, they were tripping all our electrical breakers. Eek! But, how cool that this house has had the same furnace this whole time. They just don't make them like they used to.

Here's a pic of the old guy below. Attached on the top is insulation full of asbestos and there were five metal ducts coming out. One duct was completely turned off because it developed a big split in in sometime over the years before we moved in. Another duct was crunched, allegedly by a home inspector when a previous potential buyer came before us. Anyway, here's the big old boy:

When One Door Opens

I remember a moment when we were walking through the house with our realtor thinking, "a french door really should go where this window is so people in the house can access the backyard."
At that time, I had hoped these hypothetical people would be us and we are! We people are the proud owners of a new french door (as of August)!

The door is from Home Depot (Orepac is the brand, I believe) and it was not cheap, but it was about 1/2 the price of Andersen which the price of a small car. We had a real handyman/Jesus' sidekick, Ricardo, install it for us. The door is fiberglass and has a real wood grain texture. Since it is in a fairly sunny location, we opted for something that was a little more indestructible than wood. The hardware is also from Home Depot.

Now that it's here and we have a glorious view to our outdoor fireplace, I'm dying to put in a deck. That's going to be a project for 2017 and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Side note: The pic below is…