Mudroom PTSD

Spoiler Alert: We LOVE our mudroom and new bathroom. If you want to skip to the bottom of this post to see the end result, go for it! If you want to know why it's taken me eight months to write another blog post, keep reading.

Want to know something funny? Our mudroom/bathroom renovation that was supposed to finish in one month, took three months. Okay, that's not funny, but at least now (6 months later) we can start to laugh about it.

Let's back up to January when we were supposed to finish our bathroom right about the time I started a new job, a significant promotion (I may add). End of January. We were no where near having laundry back in our house let alone a usable second toilet. Nothing stressful about that. 😒

Here's what our room looked like on my first day of my new job:

 Hey, but at least we had an exterior wall again!

There was 1.5 things that made us jump the rails on the schedule around mid-January. #1 Plumber I really can't even express the ass-hattery that happened with the plumber. Ladies and gents, we just chose wrong. They worked one full day (a Saturday) and then proceeded to work 2 hours most evenings (mainly between the hours of 4:30-6:30 with no overhead lights or in-room power during one of the rainiest winters we've ever had) for an entire week. There was NO communication (I'll chalk it up to a language barrier) except for with the owner (who spoke perfect plain, condescending English) to tell us that we, WE, were idiots.

At one point, the electrician had to move a shelf in the basement and slightly, I mean SLIGHTLY, tapped a pipe and nearly flooded our basement. Since this happened on a weekend and there was really no harm/no foul, I emailed the owner to give him a heads up and confirm that his staff was coming the next afternoon. On Monday morning, he called me and chewed ME out for not calling him. Maybe if he hadn't been such a D the last time I called him, I would have. I've never been treated so rudely in my life. He ultimately came over, checked it out and admitted (but didn't apologize) his men didn't connect one of the water lines.

By mid-February, things were starting to take shape and actually look "finished". Mind you, this was two weeks after this project was supposed to be done. We did finally get the washer and dryer and some lighting installed.

We even had what resembled a shower. Let me tell you, though, it took a LONG time to get that tile nook figured out. Here comes the 1/2 of the 1.5 of the problem with our renovation timeline. Jesus, the painter, is not an efficient or experienced tiler. In hindsight, this was just too big of a job for him.

Things are coming together by February 18th, but hold the horses! The shower pan wasn't properly set by the plumbers, so we had to get NEW plumbers to come and fix it. That also meant that the bottom two rows of tiles had to be removed. So, that was fun!😵

The photo below is from March 6th (btw, still no working toilet):
However, two days later, after an extra $2,000 for a different plumber to set the pan and hook up the fixtures, we had a working toilet, sink, faucet, AND counter tops!

By March 30th, we finally had a working bathroom that looked pretty snazzy too.

This summer, I finally bought a rug and a shower curtain! Look out world, we have two working bathrooms!

Since I love a good side x side, before v after, here are a few from where we began.

So, there it is! It was a loooooooong process and the post-traumatic stress of it is finally starting to dissipate. We have a brand new, fully insulated, fully functional mudroom and bathroom it finally feels like we are living in the 21st century.


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