It's raining pebbles!

Hey friends and family! The last few months have been wild, but seriously productive as we made progress on the plans for our laundry room and bathroom.

The contractor saga continued through November. Resolved NOT to pay $62,000 for 109 sqft makeover, we spoke with three, THREE, more contractors. This put the total number of contractors contacted at SIX. A quick recap of our contractor woes:
1. Too busy to even look at our space.
2. Looked at space, didn't want to bid on it.
3. $62,000 quote.
4. Looked at the space and ghosted us--seriously?!?!
5. Couldn't tell me if he could actually do it. If he could, it would have to wait until March.
6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, with the caveat that we would have to do an Owner/Contractor permit because he's not licensed. Fine. Whatever. Just get this done for us!

So, we lined up the plumber and electrician that we've used for other projects, built a budget (more on that later) and filed a permit with the city.

Here's the current layout:
Here's the new layout: Not too different, right?

After three days, not three weeks, we got the good news that our permit was ready for pick-up. Christmas came early! We could start with the contractor on January 2nd, as planned.

Two days ago, Jesus (thank you, Jesus), our trusty painter, tiler, and now demo-guy, came to tear everything out. Here are a few progress pics:

When he got to the ceiling, we learned that there was actually insulation up there after all. It started raining pebbles! A thin layer of small pebbles were sitting on the boards.

Here's what the space looks like after Day 2:

The linoleum is pretty much the last thing that needs to go. We finally will have all the mellow yellow out of our house!

Next steps are so exciting! The plan is (and we'll see if it is actually kept):
January 2-4 (removing windows, rebuilding walls)
January 5-6 (plumber)
January 7-9 (electrician)
January 10-12 (permit check and fix anything that needs to be fixed and/or start drywall)
January 14-15 (dry-wall)
January 17-20 (painting)
January 21 (lighting, cabinets, washer and dryer installed)
January 22-25 (exterior siding painted)

That's just about one month from start to finish. One MONTH without a washer and dryer! Lord, help us that everything sticks to the schedule.


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