Goodbye Mellow Yellow!

Remember this kitchen?

Yellow cabinets, goldish yellow linoleum floor, heavy curtains, portable dishwasher, beige tile and oh so beautiful wallpaper. The wallpaper wasn't actually too bad and I've seen this large scale print come back into fashion but it was being held to the wall, in some places, with duct tape.

So, we took down the wallpaper (the easiest of the wallpaper to remove) which was so gratifying.

And, we have lived with this yellow-on-yellow kitchen for over three years until now! This week, we started Part 1 of a 2 part kitchen renovation. First up, electrical!

Since we were taking up the counter and backsplash and painting, we were able to get a little aggressive with the wiring. Update all the knob and tube, make sure all outlets are grounded and gfi, add two sconces above the window, and add a switch on the North side of the kitchen so we can turn off the center light when exiting the kitchen to go up the stairs.

When the electrician arrived, we ended up moving the garbage disposal switch from below the sink to above and adding two, two-prong outlets to the sides of the kitchen for more options for plugging in appliances.

After day one, it looked like the Iron Fist or Thor had been in the kitchen.

Day 2 looked the same, but then on Day 3 I got out the hammer and screwdriver to start taking off the backsplash.

I also ordered the countertop from Ikea. I decided to go with Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone (right image) which is similar to Carrara Marble (left) but more subtle veining. It will also be more durable, and easier to maintain.
Image result for caesarstone frosty carrina

On Day 4, we welcomed the cabinetmaker with new doors and drawers. I was a little nervous about this because of the expense. I wasn't sure if changing the doors would make that big of difference. I think it ABSOLUTELY does. What do you think?

The set of four drawers in the picture on the right haven't quite set because of the humidity in the air so the cabinet maker will be back next week to finish those. Also on Day 4, the electricians came back to install the new electrical panel on the house. You know, because NOTHING can be simple or straightforward in an old house. The single panel we had only had one breaker left, so we didn't have enough for all the outlets in the kitchen. They finished it today. Yeah!

This weekend, we will take off the countertop with a little help from our neighbor and Jesus will be here next week to start patching and prepping the walls, windows, and trim.


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