And, You're Outta Here Part 3

What's out, you ask? Another wallpapered room. Hooray! Nate and I got busy (Heehee) over Mother's Day Weekend while Cinderella was at my parents' house and took down the full bath's hideous, HIDEOUS, wallpaper. We were feeling so ambitious we even went to Sherwin Williams, bought some paint, and painted the sucker. Happy Mothers Day to Meeeeee!

Check out the before:

Why, yes, that is a pink bathtub you are seeing, and a pink sink, and a pink shower. The only person in our house who appreciates all the pink is, you guessed it, Nate. Just kidding. It's Cinderella.



The bathroom still has a way to go:
-Fill in cracks in ceiling (75% complete) and sand
-Paint ceiling
-Paint trim including storage cabinets and vanity
-Install New hardware for cabinets and vanity
-Install new light fixture
-Install New flooring
-Replace blinds IN window instead over window

We won't get too carried away since our long term goal is to take the bathroom down to the studs and completely remodel it. One day...It does feel awesome having one less wallpapered room in the house.


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