When life gives you a lemon tree...

...dig a hole and plant it!

When we moved from Kansas to California, my mom's childhood best friend, Sarah, stopped by our rental home in Sacramento with a lovely, totally California, housewarming gift--a lemon tree! We potted it in hopes it would survive until we found a more permanent home for it (and us).

This little guy gave us two lemons last year, and is loaded with 18 lemons right now. I can't wait to make lemoncello, lemontini, lemon fizz, and lemon drops this winter/spring. There might just be enough for lemon bars, lemon pound cake, and lemon cream pie too. I'm a sucker for booze and sweets.

Two weekends ago, I planted it in our backyard and it's starting to bloom again! It must really love its new home just as much as we love ours.


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