You're Outta Here Part 4 & 5

While we were away in Sonoma last weekend, a magic elf my sister lent us a hand and removed the wallpaper in Cinderella's bedroom and the guest room. Woohoo! This was definitely a much needed boost to home improvement plans and it feels great to cross off a few more items on the To Do List. If you remember, here's what the guest room/sleeping porch looked like when we moved in.

 And, here it is, minus wallpaper and lacy curtains + messy guest bed:

It's already looking better, right? Well, we ended up moving Cinderella's bedroom in here for a number of reasons (loud street sounds + neighbors barking dog + hot afternoon sun + wallpaper glue smell-read below, etc.). Her room is really coming together, but I'm going to save that for another post. Hint, someone is now sleeping in a big girl bed. :)

Remember the African Tribal Print Room?

The thick wallpaper was on with an equally thick, nasty, smelly glue that is holding onto the walls with its cold, dead hands.

Here is a pic mid-removal (thanks sister for snapping these pics):

We are left with walls covered in glue, which look like this:

 So, Nate did some research and it appears that wallpaper remover, left on for 15 minutes, and then scraped will get it off. It does...Kinda...

This is what it looks like after scraping:

Still not great, right? We've read that after we scrape we can lightly sand the glue. We'll probably paint the room with Kilz Max to block any remaining smell and smooth out the surface then paint on top of it. Our goal is to have this room finished by July 23rd when some of our super awesome friends from Kansas visit us.

Now, off to pick up my scraper...


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