An Inherited Cat

When we toured the house with our realtor, we noticed that a cat was being fed on the back porch. Nate and I didn't give any thought to it at the time, but once we moved in we were faced with the fact that we were new cat owners. I will point out that this addition wasn't disclosed on the purchase agreement.

Our lovely neighbors, toting blueberry scones (aka a bribe) and a bag of cat food, introduced to Spotted Kitty aka Callie Cat. Apparently, the previous owner adopted the cat to keep the mice and rats away and they had been feeding the cat while the house was vacant. Meet Callie Spotted Kitty, our new, outdoor cat.

We haven't seen any critters lurking around the house or garage, so she's doing her job well. She's figured out that we're the ones who feed her so she comes running when she hears our car and occasionally allows us to pet her. Mostly she just wants food and to be left alone. Don't we all? ;)


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