Most Exciting Update (Part 9)

I find that one of the most aggravating part of doing any sort of home improvement is that once you spruce up one area, everything else looks a little sad and dingy. Such is the case with our front porch. Our house is looking beautiful but the front porch is a totally Debbie Downer. Wah-wah! At some point in this Pheasant's House's history, the owners painted the red concrete porch red. Probably to match the brick, but it looks so bad. And, the color of the concrete below is pink. There's NO WAY it can look good. The paint has been peeling off over the years and left the porch with a blotchy red look. Like, worse than a teenager's face.
It looked even worse once we power washed it.

So, over two weekends in June I painted the porch. I wanted to go with a gray color that would be the same tone as the concrete walkway up to the steps and also go well with the blue/gray of the siding AND yellow front door. The color I settled on is a Sherwin Williams color that I can't remember at this point (mom brain). Jesus and I had many discussions about it though. ;-)

Here's the porch after the first day of painting. I could only paint while the porch was shaded so the paint would set.
And, the porch after the second day of painting! Looks so much better, right? Nice and uniform and clean. Love it!
Porch during the day and at night.

Can't wait to sit out here with a glass of wine.
Finally, a handy-dandy before and after picture (from different angles).

How awesome does this house look now? Every day, when I get home from work, I can't believe I get to live here. And, won't it look so good when we finally get around to landscaping? That can finally happen now that the paint is finished.


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