Let's Get This Party Started--House Tour!

Here are some pictures from the real estate listing and a few that I took from our first walk through. The house in all of its wall-papered, lace curtained glory!


Living Room

Living Room french doors closed

 Dining Room Light
 Mudroom/Laundry Room and 1/2 Bath



Upstairs Hallway/Landing

 Upstairs Full Bath

Upstairs Office

 Upstairs Bedroom (aka Sleeping Porch)

Upstairs Room (aka African Tribal Room)

Upstairs Room (aka Grapevine Room)

Backyard Fireplace

Back of house


Detached Garage


  1. There is so much of this house to absolutely love!! Minus the kitchen wallpaper, of course. In many ways it reminds me of the house I grew up in, which was built in 1908, and the years of my childhood devoted to scraping wallpaper. Thankfully for Emmie, she isn't quite to the age where you can start exploiting her for manual labor. :) Can't wait to see it transformed and can't wait to have a glass of wine with you someday in front of that outside fireplace. So awesome!!!!

  2. Holy wallpaper! I love it! I hope you kept a sample of them for prosperity! :)


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