Wait for it...wait for it...

Welcome to our blog! The past few months have been quite the ride as we have been settling into our new old house in Woodland, CA. Built in 1915, we are the third, yes THIRD, owners in nearly 100 years and have a To Do List that could reach the moon and back (a nod to my sci-fi loving husband).

The first thing on the list was to start a blog, well, not the FIRST thing, but it was toward the top. Today marks the day that we go live! Don't worry, you haven't missed anything since we moved in. I've been documenting our journey in pictures, Facebook posts, Instagrams, and lengthy emails to friends and family. I plan to put all of it here. This is the place where we will share the minor and major improvements that we make to the house, what we learn, what we dream, and maybe some latest family happenings too.

And, if you're wondering about the name of our blog, check out Funny or Die "Between Two Ferns" and keep an eye out for our house's mascots, Frank and Phyllis, the two pheasants proudly keeping watch from our living room window.


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