I {heart} School House Electric and a front porch update

As I drooled over the old homes in Lawrence, Kansas, where we lived for seven years, I dreamed of one day owning my own historic home. I would note websites and resources for my future home and fell in love with School House Electric, makers of iconic lighting and home furnishings, based out of Portland, Oregon. Their stuff is seriously cool, and I couldn't wait until I had a home worthy of their accouterments.

On a recent work trip, I was able to stop by their showroom and it exceeded all my expectations. First, it has its own coffee shop and if you know anything about Portland, you know they are serious about their coffee. It was ah-mazing! The staff was also super friendly and helpful (read: they didn't call the cops when I wandered aimlessly for two hours while hopped up on caffeine) . Here are a few pictures (not great quality) from my visit.

Can somebody please buy me this chair?  Actually, I'll take two, thank you very much.

So, you're wondering if I bought something right. You betcha (in my best Sarah Palin voice)! This beauty, for our front porch.

Nate was thrilled that I came home from a work trip with something for him to do (love you, honey!)

My old man with my old light.
 And, the new light! Isn't it prettyyyyyyy?!?!?! The Edison bulb really gives it an old school flavor, don't you think?


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