Instant Gratification or You're Outta Here Part 2

Another quick project we did the minute after getting keys to the house was take down the wallpaper in the kitchen.

We both kind of liked the bright yellow/brown/white flowers, but it was either falling off the wall or being held to the wall with duct-paper. Super classy. It had to go!

Nate and I started tugging at the wallpaper and in about 5 minutes it was G-O-N-E---Gone! It felt so good to have one room's wallpaper off.

Check out the super awesome yellowish-green faux-pebble linoleum. It's also gotta go, but we've been told there is likely asbestos underneath it, so we're still contemplating what we'll do.

So, what does the kitchen look like now? It's a whole lotta yellow.

Plans for the kitchen:
-Paint cabinets and trim white
-Update hardware
-Replace kitchen faucet
-Paint walls (I'm thinking a classic blue like this)
-Replace or cover-up flooring (maybe this as a solution)
-Install dishwasher (we currently have a portable one that is absolutely worthless)
-Replace oven/stove (though the current one works really well it just doesn't match our new fridge)
-Install new counters (Caesarstone Misty Carrera is my current favorite)
-Add garbage disposal


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