It's here! It's here!

Hooray! Hooray! The dishwasher is installed and has been used...a lot! It's a beautiful thing, and I can't believe we lasted this long without one. The contractor was great! He removed the old drawers to make space, installed and leveled the dishwasher, rebuilt a portion of a very narrow corner cabinet so it is more functional, and hooked everything up. He even installed a garbage disposal, which has also made a huge difference--though I'm a little nervous about how this will work, long-term, with our old pipes. Fingers crossed! It took a few weekends to accomplish but it's finally in!

Here's a picture of the kitchen when we moved in.

Making space for the dishwasher:

Here's the (almost) finished project. I took this picture before the piece of wood trim was installed on the right side:

Next steps:

  • Install a new cabinet with three drawers where the old, portable dishwasher used to hang out. (scheduled for first week of December)
  • Install new counter top
  • Install backsplash
  • Paint
  • New Floors

We still have a lot to do but at least our life has gotten easier, even if things are still a little ugly.


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