Thank You, Jesus!

It's Thanksgiving week and we have a lot to be thankful for. Right now, I'm thankful for Jesus. Not the man of 2,000 years ago, Jesus the Painter we hired. Yep, our DIY capabilities have run out in the entryway/stairway/second floor and we are asking paying Jesus for help.

One thing we have been extremely thankful for since moving to this house, are our wonderful neighbors. They all love their old homes so much and many have called this neighborhood home for 30+ years. They have so much pride in taking care of their properties which has provided endless inspiration for us. They also aren't afraid to share their opinions about good and bad contractors.

During a discussion in the 'hood with our lovely neighbor, Carole, owner of the Italinate-style house below, she recommended using the painter she has worked with for 18 years. An experienced old home pro. She let us know they would both be over on the weekend. Alrighty then!

They came over to discuss our "unique" situation with our ceilings and walls. Remember when we were installing the whole house fan and discovered the hole in the ceiling?

We had to get it patched, and it has looked like this since June:

Through our own analysis and then verified by Carole and Jesus, 100 years ago the plaster was covered with a thin layer of cardboard to provide an ultra-smooth working surface. This cardboard or paper has actually helped preserve the plaster underneath so everything is in fairly good shape. We decided to take off the paper on the ceiling and then "float" a fine layer of plaster over the pre-existing plaster to create a nice, clean, even surface.

Jesus predicts the whole job to take about seven days. He started last Saturday and in the first day removed the remaining wallpaper in the stairway and started removing the ceiling paper. Of course, before it looks better, it's going to look a lot worse. Take a look:

Near the stairs where the cardboard was buckling:

The ceiling:

I can't wait to see how much better it looks after a few more days. Thank you, Jesus!


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