On the Floor

One of my absolute favorite, favorite, FAVORITE things about this house are the floors. I may or may not have given them the #1 reason why we bought this house. LOVE them. They are lovely, classic, the perfect color, but boy did they need to be refinished when we bought the house. Although we didn't want to spend MORE money on the house before we even moved in, I felt that it was worth it to get the floors refinished before move in day. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Can you imagine trying to move two children and all of our stuff out of the house, enduring the smell of poly, moving everything back, etc.? Not just no, but H-E-L-L NO.

In all of the major walkways/walk-throughs the finish was completely worn off and the wood had turned gray. Here's a pic of the baby's room before. You can see the lighter gray-tone to the floor in the yellow circle.

Here's the area in front of the upstairs bathroom. The floors were kind of a wreck, actually.

Also, there was definite discoloration from rugs that had been lying in the same place for years (decades?). No good.

So, I found a guy on Yelp who came in, sanded, repaired, and polyurethaned our floors. I was specific about not wanting to change the color so we didn't stain them. I wish I could remember the type of wood, but I can't. Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol. Just kidding. Blame it on Mom Brain. Any guesses would be appreciated.

Here are the floors after they were sanded.

And, BAM! Here they are after! Look how they shine and sparkle! Swoooooooon!


So, to bring down all this enthusiasm and love, I have to say that, unfortunately, this is the last time we will be able to refinish these floors. The Yelp guy said that the wood is really thin at this point and won't be able to endure another sanding. Boooo! He told us to have them reglazed in 5 years to get more use out of them, which I will absolutely be doing (geesh, that's only three years away). I'm obsessive about the floors. Every time a new scratch appears, a unicorn cries. Oh, wait, no, that's me. I cry. After the first six months or so, I stopped beating the Handyman and Cinderella after they scratched the floor, only resorting to screaming now. Kidding. KIDDING! They still look beautiful even with a few scratches and ultimately this is our family home and we have to live in it--imperfections and all.

Now to make this long post even longer, I'm going to ask J. Lo. to take it away...On the Floor.


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