The most exciting update TO DATE (Part 1)

You know when you're waiting for something, and waiting, and waiting, and then finally you get to do it. It's bigger than your birthday or Christmas or a trip to an ice palace. Okay, maybe not that last one, but what if you had to wait TWO whole years for your birthday. That would suck, but then it would be amazing when you actually had your birthday. Well, 730 days after moving in, we are getting our HOUSE PAINTED!!!! It's so exciting! It's so expensive! It's so exciting! It's so expesive! Okay, well there is a little mixed emotion here because picking out paint that you're supposed to love for a decade or more is hard. Like, really hard. Maybe even harder than picking your child's name? Okay, maybe not. But, the time is finally here and we have to get down to business.

Actually, Jesus is getting busy (heehee) on the house. He's going to work on it slowly...on the weekends...which is good because it gives me more time to think about colors. Today, he power-washed. A few observations:

1. Our house was/is a dirrrrrrrrrrrrty bird (Larryville reference for my KS friends). Check out the clean paint on the top half of the house compared to the bottom where he is washing in the pic below. Gross!

2. I'm so glad we didn't power wash when we moved in. Look at the paint coming off!

3. Outside of being really ugly, the paint is actually in pretty good shape. Jesus seems to think that we won't have to scrape as much as we originally thought. We can prime over most of the old paint. It also appears that there aren't layers upon layers of old paint. The original paint color was a dark green. Jesus said that most of the old houses he has painted had this green on the windows or trim. The original paint color was, in fact, a creamy white.

I can't wait to keep you all updated on this exciting news!


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